God is Love-Energy

God is Love-Energy

Excerpt from PhD dissertation: “Metaphysics of Human Behavior: The Phenomenology of our Personae” – 7 September 2011 

God is Love-energy and in this Love, we are all One and there is no one who is better and there is no one who is lesser. Indulging in ego is easy, but at a devastating cost, for not only does our ego separate us from the ones we love, it is the ultimate expression that we have chosen to separate ourselves from God as well.

The question is: what is love? Love is defined as a universal concept related to the affinity between people, defined in different ways by different ideologies and viewpoints; scientific, philosophical, religious, artistic, et cetera usually interpret as a good feeling, related to affection and attachment, and the result of a range of emotions, experiences and attitudes.

The term is often associated with romantic love or sexual love. However, its diversity of uses and meanings, combined with the complexity of the feelings involved in each case, makes the word “love” particularly difficult to define in a consistent meaning and simple words. In general terms, simply put, love generates a good feeling.

The scientist, Albert Einstein maybe the first person who has found the correct answer to the question what love is. Through science, he found the true meaning of love but not necessarily he shared it to the world in this way. In fact, the greatest contribution of Albert Einstein to the world was not necessarily his famous formula E = mc², but the meaning behind that formula.

 Just as all other emotions, love is energy. It is the purest and highest state of energy – the highest frequency of vibration with the shortest wavelength.

Albert Einstein said that he wanted to know God through a scientific and mathematical formula. And the pleasant part is that he succeeded!

Many people have not realized this fundamental fact in the life of this charismatic scientist. This gentleman has probably been the happiest person in the world of his time. He found the meaning of love and of God himself, in scientific terms.

By his energy formula E = mc², he defined energy in scientific terms. God is the purest love – the greatest energy that exists. There is no energy greater than God’s. Everything created is of God and contains His Love in all states of matter, from the planets and galaxies to the smallest atom and sub-atomic particles and photons that we cannot even catch a glimpse with our own eyes. God wants all of us to be full of energy; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, so that we have abundant life for us and to share it with others.

 There is no greater healing energy than that of love.

Furthermore, the most fundamental and important teaching that Jesus Christ gave us was: Love your neighbor as yourself. If we continue the logic that Love is energy, in metaphysical terms, this means: Give energy to your neighbor as yourself; in simple terms, with psychological, mental, physical and spiritual energy.

We give love to our neighbor through our charity, words, affection, freedom, trust, faith, inspiration and empathy. We love our neighbor with all good that is inside our hearts open to help the most in need, and not necessarily the most financially in need, but also poor in spirit. People that do not love their neighbor, as do not love themselves, who do not value the life as their property; what they have, their families, their peers, their work, their spiritual guides, etc. The love-energy we grant and give to ourselves comes to us through prayer (asking GOD), reflection and meditation (receiving the answer/s from GOD).

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There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.” W. Clement Stone

Attitude is most probably at best illustrated as the driving data-energy-signature manifesting in the following examples of behavior when comparing winners with losers:

The winner … is always part of the answer

The loser    … is always part of the problem

The winner … always has a program

The loser    … always has an excuse

The winner … says: let me do it for you

The loser    … says: that’s not my job

The winner … sees an answer to every problem

The loser    … sees a problem in any answer

The winner … sees a green near every sand trap

The loser    … sees two sand traps near every green

The winner … says: it may be difficult but it’s possible

The loser    … says: it’s possible, but it’s too difficult

It is never over until we say it’s over. The power to hold on in spite of everything – to endure – is the quality of a winner! Your greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail.

It’s your constant and determined effort that will eventually break down all resistance and sweep all the barriers before you.

Persistence means taking pains to overcome every obstacle, to do all that’s necessary to reach your goal.

All great achievements require time. Endurance is the crowning quality of success.” ~The Daily Guru

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Metaphysics of Human Life

Metaphysics of Human Life

Healing the wounds and scars encountered during your journey through this realm of life is paramount to Waking Upand to become Fully You and also to uncover the full meaning of your life.

The meaning of the Khoi word Knysna is somewhat uncertain. It could be either fern leaves or place of wood?

However, we prefer, this controversial meaning also reminds us and reveals some characteristics of our own human species.

Human beings, from the outer side, are compiled of fine bio-physical and bio-chemical structures similar to that fine fern leaves.

Physically, we are also equally comparable with solid wood created over many a decade from a tiny seed; fed through rigid cored roots, but also through fine leaves and structured from strong and flexible cellulose fibers, yet sometimes battered by winds, rain and hail – also frequently scorn by the heat of sunshine or maybe even that of harsh bush or veldt fires.

Wood certainly stands witness to a life of endurance of many challenges for its survival as well as its final frontier. It has character and value however, all depending on the purpose it has to comply with for its service to be rendered.

As humans, we also have to comply with certain criteria of character and features to determine our value and purpose for which we were called to live and this calls for a proper assessment of Self. The special trained eye and empirical knowledge of an experienced wood cutter, who selects wood for its specified purpose – be it to build boats, houses, furniture, ornaments, packing material, paper or whatever other purpose – will determine the final destiny of each tree.

Sometimes, during its growth period a tree might need special attention and/or adjustment of care by the forester due to the character and intensity of wounds and scars inflicted by a variety of many different causes, and with our human species it is no different.

Likewise, we all bare scars that stand witness to former injuries and/or traumas we endured during our ventures through life, just as in the case of trees, however, with certain differences. We are duality beings comprising of two aspects of our existence, meaning there is a visible or physical part – our physical body, while the other is invisible – our psychic inner being or soul, also known as our Inner-Self.

In popular parlance, the subject of Metaphysics has become the label for the study of things which transcend the natural or physical world – that is, things which supposedly exist separately from physical nature and which have more intrinsic reality than our natural existence. Consequently, the popular sense of Metaphysics has been the study of any question about reality which cannot be answered by scientific observation and experimentation, thus meaning beyond the physics.

All people by nature desire to know, encompassing the motto headline under which Metaphysics is written, thus signifying what is beyond the physics.

Aristotle said: “The sign that all men by nature is driven to know, is the delight that we take in our senses for even a part of their usefulness, their love for themselves and above all, their sense of sight.”

The pursuing knowledge to deserve the knowledge is exemplified first of all in the five senses – seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and touching. How can one be a human being without pursuing the lead of quest that is involved in this capacity? Thus, Metaphysics is the culminating enquirer on the ultimate subject of Philosophy and to seek knowledge of our existence and the meaning thereof. We, as human beings, use our five senses to acquire external knowledge and then moving onto our inner senses to acquire knowledge of the Devine.

The first important question to be asked is how do we enter the subject arena of metaphysics?

We enter the region of Metaphysics through the freedom gate of an open mind, delivered from limiting the ego and beliefs, culture, dogma and tradition, and guarded by faith when exploring the concept meaning of life, Deity and Divinity within the vehicle of knowledge and meditation, and fueled by intuition on roads of understanding and mysticism called “wisdom.” Kobus Du Toit

From a metaphysical perspective, this unseen part of our Self is the part of our being, when hurt and scared, so often with its roots founded deeply at the seat of our soul since our early childhood, are sometimes the very causes of our malfunctioning behavior and lack in many different areas of our lives and following us throughout our entire lives. Although visible wounds of a physical nature heal relative easy and quickly, it is those in the nucleus of our soul which is digesting our joy and robbing us from a quality-life, those parts that were damaged during the early phases of our lives, even as early as the fetus stage or during birth, babyhood, early childhood, toddlerhood, teen-aging and even early adolescence.

The human being is a complex and multi-dimensional, as well as a multi-functional being composed of quantum-physical, electro-magnetic, chemical, bio-chemical, bio-electrical, neuro-electrical, psycho-physical and constant mental interactions with the residing soul. Equally complex composed and functioning, are the multiple types, qualities and quantum energies surrounding and impounding on it continuously during its duration of life on Earth. Truly a symphony of life in which the repertoire of instruments within the Universe plays its part proportionally in their accords to orchestrate the character and melodies and also to reflect the complete work of the Composer of Life, called by many Names in many different cultures throughout history and on different places across the entire Globe.

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Fruit for Thought

Fruit for Thought

Stress is not what we think it is. We think that chronical stress is just a normal part of life – considered to be just how we have to live. We turn just a blind eye to it because it is just too hard and emotionally too painful to face what it will take to alleviate our stress.

It is almost as if we arrived to a kind of collective agreement not to talk about it and in modern society we have a twisted perception that stress is a badge of honor – a reflection of our qualification/s, our position, responsibility, importance, career status, and social status. We are literally preparing to take any quick-fix remedy to revive our bliss. However, stress is anything that triggers the amygdala in your brain to turn on the stress-response – “fight or flight” response.

So, anything that puts you into the sympathetic stress response and fills your body with cortisol and epinephrine – the cortisol sensation response – that are poisonous to your health. However, in certain circumstances it could help protect your body when in stress, e.g. when you are chased by a cheetah or when you are involved by an accident or any other external cause of trauma. This is useful when the body goes through the stress from an injury. But, when stressed from emotional sources, the body evolves to perform this response during mind-driven events such as fear during taking exams, or even going through a life changing event such as a death of a family member, or to relocate, or a divorce. That is why many times, when individuals are stressed because of life changing events, or situations such as those, they get these symptoms and wrongfully believe they are actually physically sick when in reality, it result from the body being under stress.

The important problem is that the amygdala does not know the difference between true dangers – the danger of being chased by a cheetah that puts you into flight or fight mode and minimizes blood flow to your vital organs – lungs, heart, digestive system frontal lobes of the brain (ability to focus, concentrate and to think logically), triggered by the sympathetic response versus stress generated by destructive thoughts, ideas, emotions and fears that originated in your mind which turns on your stress responses which triggers the parasympathetic response minimizing blood flow to the muscles of your limbs – a relaxation response.

As healers, we are supposed not only to put a plaster on the consequences of stress, but more important – to revitalize the soul and to revive your bliss. Revitalized people live Cheerfully and achieve Victoriously.

We have to realize that the causes and roots of disease are stresses generated by events like:

  • irritations and frustrations in traffic
  • lying for whatever reason
  • sense of treated unfairly
  • sense of insecurity
  • poor and dissatisfactory service
  • lack of acknowledgement, love, protection, appreciation and provision
  • toxic relationship/s
  • soul-sucking job that drains your life-force
  • thoughts of not forgiving
  • thoughts of hatred
  • thoughts of revenge
  • retrenchment
  • sense of not belonging or the perception of being useless after retirement or disability
  • financial worries
  • social loneliness
  • pessimism
  • suspicion
  • anxiousness
  • pessimism about political and word views
  • self-condemnation
  • desire to play a meaningful part in the symphony of life
  • feeling out of touch with your life purpose
  • negative/destructive beliefs about your life
  • being emotionally overwhelmed
  • pretending what you are not
  • experience disconnection from Source

The list of possible causes are almost endless, let alone the compound effect of any combination of those mentioned in the list above! The desire to re-invent oneself and to be different is almost automatic and in most cases result in a downward spiral of different degrees of depression and mood swings.

In other cases, the consequences are the direct cause of what we term the “burn-out” syndrome resulting in:

  • skipping of meals
  • lack of regular exercise
  • lacking adequate sleep
  • shallow breathing
  • excessive consumption of sugar, caffeine, nicotine, liquor, drugs, or herbal stimulants
  • constant thoughts about work related issues
  • remembering what you lied about in order not to be caught out
  • mental replay of stressful inner dialogue
  • negligence of relaxing activities
  • unable to meet constant demands
  • putting yourself always last
  • eating processed or junk food (as quickly as possible)
  • going past your own fatigue to finish the day’s work

Because the body cannot keep this state for long periods of time, the parasympathetic system returns the body’s physiological condition to normal – homeostasis. In humans, stress typically describes a negative, or destructive condition. A second major effect of cortisol is to suppress the body’s immune system during a stressful situation, yet again, for the purpose of redistributing metabolic resources primarily to fight-or-flight organs. While not a major risk to the body, if only for a short period of time, if under chronic stress, the body becomes exceptionally vulnerable to immune system attacks which makes us much more vulnerable to viruses and bacterial exposure. This is a biologically negative, or destructive consequence of an exposure to a severe stressor and can be interpreted as stress in and of itself – a detrimental inability of biological mechanisms to effectively adapt to the changes in homeostasis.

On average, people have more than 50 – 60 stress responses per day that disable the body’s self-healing abilities. By not acknowledging that – by not making you aware of it, healers may actually be reducing your life span, or decreasing your quality of life, or even be killing you.

What healers needs to reclaim is the soul and mind medicine – the “self-medicine” beginning with yourself to be unconditionally:

  • acknowledged
  • accepted
  • appreciated
  • respected
  • cared for
  • loved – unconditionally just as you are
  • protected
  • provided for
  • give expression to your creative genius
  • laughing out loud
  • knowing you belong
  • uncover and discover who you really are
  • awareness of your purpose of your life
  • meaning of life
  • speaking your truth
  • communing with nature
  • nourishing the body with real food
  • tapping into Source
  • without apologizing to be just you

We have taken the bio-chemical medicine just too far. We need education about new information and also to gain knowledge about the concepts, mechanics and dynamics of physics, to aid us in comprehending a better and more meaningful understanding of creation and the universe, in both the macro and micro cosmos of our existence. It opens up new perspectives with unlimited opportunities of probabilities and possibilities regarding cause and consequence in relation to our health, and so-called “chronic” and “incurable” diseases.

There is nothing paranormal in the universe, except our limited understanding of nature; also, about health, healing and what we term “miracle healing.” In the distant past, people admired things they could not explain which they termed “miracles.”

The requirements to restore lost health, is so much the same as when we want to restore a building in ruins:

  • Awareness of dilapidation – unacceptable state
  • Desire of different outcome – restoration
  • Require knowledge – need of new information
  • Require help – need tools and processes
  • Preparation – clearance of dirt

Healing of the body and mind manifests when the purification processes between thought and biology reaches its pinnacle.

We find the principal difference in the approach between conventional and that of holistic medicine in the wise words of Hippocrates: “It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease rather than to know what sort of disease a person has.” The consequential difference of outcome of treatment between these two approaches is: In conventional medicine it is a matter of seeing is believing, while in alternative medicine, it is vice versa – believing is seeing.

As metaphysicians, we do not disregard the conventional Western approach to medicine altogether. There is a definite place and need for it. For example, after physical trauma, when people could be left with open wounds, broken bones, internal bleeding, in need for stabilizing the body after a stroke or heart attack, practitioners like surgeons, radiologists and pathologists in the conventional field could be of great help.

However, to heal from chronic or more serious ailments like cancer, kidney failure, backache, migraine, depression, etc. requires a much more holistic approach and therapy to aid people in the end. Writer believes that there are unimaginable opportunities for both approaches to work complimentary to each other in favor of the person in need.

People are to a large extent still uninformed and somewhat ignorant and thus hardly aware of the holistic fields of medicine. Sadly, medical funds also operates highly discriminately against healers in the alternative arena of medicine, mainly as a consequence of the medical control boards that refuses to acknowledge or to register and list them with medical funds. Needless to say, these governance bodies are managed with people within the conventional western medical environment that were educated in the Newtonian and Cartesian theories, ignoring the aspect of energy.

From research I found that many people live their lives almost like a ball inside a “box” with four sides being beliefs (e.g. about money), culture (collective social behavior of a group), tradition (collective practice and habits passed on from one generation to another), and religion (dogmatic rules and philosophy to adhere to, and bluntly accepted by a social group) – all the do’s and don’ts, should and should not’s, supposed and supposed not’s. If you do not know who you are (your own unique personal identity), these four sides will hit you like a ping-pong ball from side to side to side leaving you completely confused and frustrated. It constantly leaves you with haunting concerns about what people would think, say, or believe about you – family, neighbors, friends, colleagues, the preacher, etc. By lacking knowledge about your true Self and identity, and the ability to maintain it, you literally set yourself up to sacrifice your true-self on the altar of compromise for the sake of:

  • acceptance
  • non-offence
  • a job/career
  • promotion
  • increase

It is erroneous to realize that all four of the sides of our boxed-in existence are not creations of God, but by humans, as behavioral control mechanisms.