Excerpt from PhD dissertation: “Metaphysics of Human Behavior: The Phenomenology of our Personae” – 7 September 2011 

God is Love-energy and in this Love, we are all One and there is no one who is better and there is no one who is lesser. Indulging in ego is easy, but at a devastating cost, for not only does our ego separate us from the ones we love, it is the ultimate expression that we have chosen to separate ourselves from God as well.

The question is: what is love? Love is defined as a universal concept related to the affinity between people, defined in different ways by different ideologies and viewpoints; scientific, philosophical, religious, artistic, et cetera usually interpret as a good feeling, related to affection and attachment, and the result of a range of emotions, experiences and attitudes.

The term is often associated with romantic love or sexual love. However, its diversity of uses and meanings, combined with the complexity of the feelings involved in each case, makes the word “love” particularly difficult to define in a consistent meaning and simple words. In general terms, simply put, love generates a good feeling.

The scientist, Albert Einstein maybe the first person who has found the correct answer to the question what love is. Through science, he found the true meaning of love but not necessarily he shared it to the world in this way. In fact, the greatest contribution of Albert Einstein to the world was not necessarily his famous formula E = mc², but the meaning behind that formula.

 Just as all other emotions, love is energy. It is the purest and highest state of energy – the highest frequency of vibration with the shortest wavelength.

Albert Einstein said that he wanted to know God through a scientific and mathematical formula. And the pleasant part is that he succeeded!

Many people have not realized this fundamental fact in the life of this charismatic scientist. This gentleman has probably been the happiest person in the world of his time. He found the meaning of love and of God himself, in scientific terms.

By his energy formula E = mc², he defined energy in scientific terms. God is the purest love – the greatest energy that exists. There is no energy greater than God’s. Everything created is of God and contains His Love in all states of matter, from the planets and galaxies to the smallest atom and sub-atomic particles and photons that we cannot even catch a glimpse with our own eyes. God wants all of us to be full of energy; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, so that we have abundant life for us and to share it with others.

 There is no greater healing energy than that of love.

Furthermore, the most fundamental and important teaching that Jesus Christ gave us was: Love your neighbor as yourself. If we continue the logic that Love is energy, in metaphysical terms, this means: Give energy to your neighbor as yourself; in simple terms, with psychological, mental, physical and spiritual energy.

We give love to our neighbor through our charity, words, affection, freedom, trust, faith, inspiration and empathy. We love our neighbor with all good that is inside our hearts open to help the most in need, and not necessarily the most financially in need, but also poor in spirit. People that do not love their neighbor, as do not love themselves, who do not value the life as their property; what they have, their families, their peers, their work, their spiritual guides, etc. The love-energy we grant and give to ourselves comes to us through prayer (asking GOD), reflection and meditation (receiving the answer/s from GOD).

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