Healing the wounds and scars encountered during your journey through this realm of life is paramount to Waking Upand to become Fully You and also to uncover the full meaning of your life.

The meaning of the Khoi word Knysna is somewhat uncertain. It could be either fern leaves or place of wood?

However, we prefer, this controversial meaning also reminds us and reveals some characteristics of our own human species.

Human beings, from the outer side, are compiled of fine bio-physical and bio-chemical structures similar to that fine fern leaves.

Physically, we are also equally comparable with solid wood created over many a decade from a tiny seed; fed through rigid cored roots, but also through fine leaves and structured from strong and flexible cellulose fibers, yet sometimes battered by winds, rain and hail – also frequently scorn by the heat of sunshine or maybe even that of harsh bush or veldt fires.

Wood certainly stands witness to a life of endurance of many challenges for its survival as well as its final frontier. It has character and value however, all depending on the purpose it has to comply with for its service to be rendered.

As humans, we also have to comply with certain criteria of character and features to determine our value and purpose for which we were called to live and this calls for a proper assessment of Self. The special trained eye and empirical knowledge of an experienced wood cutter, who selects wood for its specified purpose – be it to build boats, houses, furniture, ornaments, packing material, paper or whatever other purpose – will determine the final destiny of each tree.

Sometimes, during its growth period a tree might need special attention and/or adjustment of care by the forester due to the character and intensity of wounds and scars inflicted by a variety of many different causes, and with our human species it is no different.

Likewise, we all bare scars that stand witness to former injuries and/or traumas we endured during our ventures through life, just as in the case of trees, however, with certain differences. We are duality beings comprising of two aspects of our existence, meaning there is a visible or physical part – our physical body, while the other is invisible – our psychic inner being or soul, also known as our Inner-Self.

In popular parlance, the subject of Metaphysics has become the label for the study of things which transcend the natural or physical world – that is, things which supposedly exist separately from physical nature and which have more intrinsic reality than our natural existence. Consequently, the popular sense of Metaphysics has been the study of any question about reality which cannot be answered by scientific observation and experimentation, thus meaning beyond the physics.

All people by nature desire to know, encompassing the motto headline under which Metaphysics is written, thus signifying what is beyond the physics.

Aristotle said: “The sign that all men by nature is driven to know, is the delight that we take in our senses for even a part of their usefulness, their love for themselves and above all, their sense of sight.”

The pursuing knowledge to deserve the knowledge is exemplified first of all in the five senses – seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and touching. How can one be a human being without pursuing the lead of quest that is involved in this capacity? Thus, Metaphysics is the culminating enquirer on the ultimate subject of Philosophy and to seek knowledge of our existence and the meaning thereof. We, as human beings, use our five senses to acquire external knowledge and then moving onto our inner senses to acquire knowledge of the Devine.

The first important question to be asked is how do we enter the subject arena of metaphysics?

We enter the region of Metaphysics through the freedom gate of an open mind, delivered from limiting the ego and beliefs, culture, dogma and tradition, and guarded by faith when exploring the concept meaning of life, Deity and Divinity within the vehicle of knowledge and meditation, and fueled by intuition on roads of understanding and mysticism called “wisdom.” Kobus Du Toit

From a metaphysical perspective, this unseen part of our Self is the part of our being, when hurt and scared, so often with its roots founded deeply at the seat of our soul since our early childhood, are sometimes the very causes of our malfunctioning behavior and lack in many different areas of our lives and following us throughout our entire lives. Although visible wounds of a physical nature heal relative easy and quickly, it is those in the nucleus of our soul which is digesting our joy and robbing us from a quality-life, those parts that were damaged during the early phases of our lives, even as early as the fetus stage or during birth, babyhood, early childhood, toddlerhood, teen-aging and even early adolescence.

The human being is a complex and multi-dimensional, as well as a multi-functional being composed of quantum-physical, electro-magnetic, chemical, bio-chemical, bio-electrical, neuro-electrical, psycho-physical and constant mental interactions with the residing soul. Equally complex composed and functioning, are the multiple types, qualities and quantum energies surrounding and impounding on it continuously during its duration of life on Earth. Truly a symphony of life in which the repertoire of instruments within the Universe plays its part proportionally in their accords to orchestrate the character and melodies and also to reflect the complete work of the Composer of Life, called by many Names in many different cultures throughout history and on different places across the entire Globe.

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