Experience how I can help you uncover your full human potential – to be truly FULLY YOU and to live masterfully and achieve victoriously with passion.

What I Do

Brain Profiling

Discover the relevance to success of your Career, Business, Marriage, Parenting, Relationship, Choice of subjects – School/College or University.

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Integrative Life Coaching

Personal (including young people), Relationship, Spiritual, Career, Business, Management, Leadership, Corporate, Health and Nutrition.

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We offer counselling with regards to Personal Life (including young people), Relationships, Marriage, Menopause, Andropause, Parenting and Family.

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Seminars & Inspirational Talks

I present a two, or three-day seminar “Waking-Up and Revitalize Your Life – to Be Fully You” that I specifically structured and intend to present over weekends.

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Career – Relationship – Marriage – Health – Business – Personal

The words “disaster,” or “accident,” or “crisis” usually go hand-in-hand with the words “surprise,” or “unexpected,” or “unprepared.” Unfortunate as these concepts may be, it sometimes occurs right from take-off (early adolescence), or in mid-air during flight at full speed (adolescence & midlife), or during the landing (retirement) phases of our human venture through life. Life comprises of the physical (that which can be seen, heard, tasted, touched and listened to) as well as the metaphysical, or non-physical (that which is beyond the physical – mind, spirit & soul). The metaphysical part is the sacred gift and the physical the servant. However, we have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift; the consequence of lack of education, knowledge, understanding & wisdom.

You can save ourselves much frustration and tribulation through preventative action and when the inevitable does happen, deal with it wisely.

“When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bounds. Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world.” ~The Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali

I provide and facilitate the conditions in which you can learn who you truly are intended to be, and to guide you through a process – a journey to achieve and to master who you really are – to:

  • Discover the road to a cheerfully inspired and blissful life,
  • Achieve a holistically fulfilled life – body, mind and spirit
  • Comprehend an understanding of the of driving forces, structures, and the coordinating mechanisms of constructive behaviour,
  • Realize and identify the obstacles withholding you from a fulfilled life and the techniques to prevail
  • Establish an understanding of the interaction between the mind and physical body and mind in which the brain mediates the dynamic interactions between them,
  • Comprehend an understanding of the power of thought,
  • Comprehend an understanding of the influence and important guidance of your core values.

Inspirational Speaker

I offer a variety of inspirational presentations, individually tailored and prepared for specific audiences. These audiences include corporate, private and Government groups.

Prior to each presentation, a full consultation and briefing session is undertaken with the client, to ensure the relevance and overall success of the event.

The client’s specific needs will dictate the theme, structure and content of the presentation.

Integrative Life Coaching and Brain Profiling

As a qualified life coach and brain profile practitioner, I advise and assist private and corporate clients in a wide variety of areas, including:

  • Individuals wanting to maximize their potential and to set and reach personal goals.
  • Couples needing to work on their relationships or wishing to grow their parenting skills.
  • Scholars and students facing subject choices and career decisions.
  • Sportsmen and women and coaches looking to build positive attitudes and improve levels of motivation.
  • Employers needing to ensure they recruit and promote the most suitable candidates for specific positions. My services include assistance with job profiling, effectively conducted interviews and the evaluation of candidates.

What people have to say:

“By the time I reached my Matric year in 2014, I still had no idea of which career path I should follow after school.  I sought the help of a career-planning specialist and underwent a series of tests which gave me a broad idea of where my main strengths and interests lay. The various career options were so broad and varied that I felt mild panic. I had to make a decision, but without a clear direction I felt anxious and confused.

Before my final Matric exams, Dr du Toit recommended that I do a brain profile test. The findings of this process have provided me with ongoing benefits. Not only did I identify the specific course of study I should take, but I also came to appreciate my unique gifts and abilities more fully. This certainly boosted my self-confidence. My Matric results were the best of my entire high school career. I applied to do Psychology and have approached my studies with great enthusiasm. I am now in my second year and am enjoying every aspect of my studies. The more I study, the more certain I become that I have made the right choice.

The value of the brain profiling process has not been limited to just making a wise career choice.  Every now and then I discover things about myself which were identified by the process. This has helped me, in a way, to understand myself better. The detailed analysis of the results is especially useful. In my case, the analysis done by Dr du Toit gave me deeper insight into the various aspects of Psychology.  I would recommend brain profiling to anyone, at some stage in their lives, wishing to learn more about themselves.” ~Ilzè Rheeder 


I work with a variety of private clients who are experiencing physical, emotional or psychological problems. Much time is spent identifying obstacles which may be preventing a more fulfilled life.

What people have to say:

“I had a number of sessions with Dr. Kobus which I valued greatly. He helped me explore my thoughts and emotions in a deep way and how the connection of these was impacting the view of my world. This helped me see things with new eyes and helped understand the narratives I had been telling myself.  This also helped me to consider the preferred possibilities for my life and set me on a new path of exploration which I have subsequently used to explore my life purpose and my strengths that I did not always acknowledge. I really valued my time with him.” ~Arid Buddinst

“I have been actively searching for answers to the truth about the nature of reality and how and why I feel “stuck” and repeat cycles in my life, and conflicts within myself and in my relationships with others.

I have come across and participated in many different common professional practices and therapies that make logical, spiritual, and intellectual sense, in order to grow as a person and achieve my goals in living only to find that unfavourable cycles repeat themselves.

I happened to be present at Dr Du Toit’s talk about his devastating sequence of events and how he miraculously recovered. Dr Du Tiot is the only person that was able to show me the affirmations that I have been searching for, he demonstrated to me, how I have created and maintained the “box”, through environment and my own illusionary perceptions and egocentric evaluations that the human mind creates and maintains. Dr Du Toit has demonstrated to me how to enable myself to discover my true essence in the physical and spiritual realm. Dr Du Toit I am truly grateful. ~Peter Daniell

Experience how I can help you uncover your full human potential – to be truly FULLY YOU and to live masterfully and achieve victoriously with passion.