We offer counselling with regards to Personal Life (including young people), Relationships, Marriage, Menopause, Andropause, Parenting and Family.

I help you to unravel unclear causes, or time-line events, or childhood issues as well as any other types of blockages and to find solutions to put one’s life together and back on track again after the unfortunate event such as:

  • Personal sequestration or liquidation of a business (bankruptcy)
  • Disease / Long term or chronic disease
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Burn-out syndrome
  • Weight disorders
  • Rape
  • Divorce
  • Disability
  • Retirement
  • Retrenchment
  • Death of partner or child
  • Constrained relationship / marriage

And to free oneself from:

  • Weight and behavioral problems
  • Anxiety / phobias / fears / low self-esteem
  • Addiction – substance / gambling / sex / sugar / eating / liquor / work, etc.

“Victorious is the person who knows how to make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks.” ~Jack Penn

What people have to say:

I used to believe that the most important part of our shaping knowledge was only formed when we’re young; that we learn, build and grow the foundations and as we grow we merely add to our skill sets; that once our foundation was built that it can never be changed/improved. Experiences shape who we choose to be, our pasts reflect on us, and our futures await us.
~Estee Strumpfer
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“I had a number of sessions with Dr. Kobus which I valued greatly. He helped me explore my thoughts and emotions in a deep way and how the connection of these was impacting the view of my world.

This helped me see things with new eyes and helped understand the narratives I had been telling myself. This also helped me to consider the preferred possibilities for my life and set me on a new path of exploration which I have subsequently used to explore my life purpose and my strengths that I did not always acknowledge. I really valued my time with him.” ~Astrid Buddin

“I have been actively searching for answers to the truth about the nature of reality and how and why I feel “stuck” and repeat cycles in my life, and conflicts within myself and in my relationships with others.

I have come across and participated in many different common professional practices and therapies that make logical, spiritual, and intellectual sense, in order to grow as a person and achieve my goals in living only to find that unfavourable cycles repeat themselves.

I happened to be present at Dr Du Toit’s talk about his devastating sequence of events and how he miraculously recovered. Dr Du Toit is the only person that was able to show me the affirmations that I have been searching for, he demonstrated to me, how I have created and maintained the “box”, through environment and my own illusionary perceptions and egocentric evaluations that the human mind creates and maintains.

Dr Du Toit has demonstrated to me how to enable myself to discover my true essence in the physical and spiritual realm. Dr Du Toit I am truly grateful.”~Peter Daniell

“I went through a tremendous personal transformation during my sessions with Dr. Kobus. The work was in depth but it was worth it to find my true self and inner happiness. Dr. Kobus was a great facilitator and as passionate as I was to make headway. The most enthusiastic therapist I’ve ever worked with.

Before I met him I felt locked and caged inside my destructive mind but now I am free of my limitations and I’m now going beyond my psychological limits which is so liberating, and in doing so I’m able to watch my mind and how it works. I had set myself limitations without realising it.

My mind was in control of me but now I’m in control of my mind. I feel more connected to everything: in particular myself – my soul, but also to my friends, my family and as a result my truth. I have surrendered to life and things flow so much better as a result. My heart is open and I value myself so much more. The work we did together has had a long term positive impact on my life and my future decisions.

I am grateful to Dr. Kobus for allowing me such a safe space to move forward and learn. Being truly conscious is a wonderful thing so thank you Kobus!” ~Rosie Wise (UK)