Finish and Begin Strong

Mostly presented at yearend functions.

Be Fully You

Discover your authentic self and how to unleash your full potential.

Waking Up

Insights and understanding attained from a 7-year disability and how everyone who struggles with major setback can benefit from it.

Change is the challenge - being a victim or victor the choice - outcome the result of attitude

  To help people gain a constructive perspective about the principles and dynamics of the human psyche and the role of attitude to deal with the challenge of change.

Cancer from a Metaphysical Perspective

What is actually the real cause behind cancer?

Metaphysical perspective on chronic and terminal diseases

What are the real causes?

The Boxes We Live In

Why so many people live such constrained lives and how to free yourself from a restricted lifestyle.

Dynamics of thought

How thought mediates the creative and innovative processes through the interplay between the conscious, unconscious and intuitive mind.

Dynamics of Thought - Creativity and Innovation externalized

How to access this ability.

Dynamics of Thought – Creativity internalized

How to heal yourself.

The Deceptive Side of Electronic Devices we use Every Day

The dangers of EMF.

Dynamics of Relationships

What are the real drivers behind successful relationships?

Significance of Brain Profiling

What it is and how it can improve the quality of one’s life?


What is it all about?

Metaphor of the cross

What does it mean?

The Schumann Resonance

What does it mean to you?

Revitalization of Your life

A deeper understanding of life.

The value of Brain Profiling – personally and in your relationship

Understand the concept of Brain Profiling and how to benefit from it.

The Happiness Code

what are the mental drivers behind happiness and how to attain it?

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